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WordPress is very popular for its easy-to-use and easy-to-install or creating sites using WordPress. It is world-famous CMS (Content Management system). Installing WordPress is easy and very simple. You don't need to learn any programing language and coding skills. Many popular hosting sites offer pre-installed WordPress websites or provide installation instructions using their software. If you want to learn how to install WordPress yourself on your web hosting.

There are many ways to install WordPress on localhost or server.

How to download WordPress?

WordPress is an entirely free and open-source content management system (CMS) for free. WordPress is well-known and versatile and easy to use. There are a few different ways to download WordPress,  but WordPress provides its official website to download the latest version of WordPress ( ). WordPress provides a zip folder for easy download and further use. 

How to Install WordPress in Cpanel?

There are two different ways to install WordPress in Cpanel. 

(a) Manual installation or 

(b) Using Softaculous. 

Install WordPress Manually in Cpanel

Step 1. First, you have to log in to Cpanel. Once you’re logged in to your Cpanel, Go to the Files section and select “File Manager” and Open it.

Step 2. On the next page, Find “public_html” and open it.

Step 3. The next step is to Upload the latest version of WordPress you have downloaded to your computer. In the “public_html” folder find the upload section and click on it. 

Step 4. Now select the WordPress folder you downloaded and upload it.

Step 5. After Uploading is completed, go back to the public_html folder and extract the WordPress file. Right-click on the latest version of the WordPress file and click on Extract. 

Step  6. After extracting the file, a folder called WordPress will be created. Enter into the folder and select all files to move all files to the public_html folder.

Follow the steps below in the Images

The Next Step is Creating a Database

Step 7. To create a Database, Go to Cpanel in the Database section click on “MYSQL Database Wizard”  and open it.

Step 8. On the Next Page, Name Your database as shown in the below image. You can name your database as you wish but one thing has to keep in mind the name should be more or at least 54 characters.

Step 9. After naming your database, the Next is to create a “Username” or “Password” to complete the database creation. You can also generate a random strong password by clicking on the Password Generator button. After generating the password click on create user.

(Note: Remember your database Name, Username, and Password, Or Save it to a NotePad for Further Use in configuration )

Step 10. After creating a user. The final step is to allow privileges, On the next screen check “ALL PRIVILEGES” and click on the next step to create your database.

Now your database is successfully created. The next step is to configure the database with WordPress

Configure Database with WordPress

Step 11. To configure your database with WordPress. Open a New tab and enter your website address in the URL section and press enter. Now you need to select the default language for WordPress.

If your website language is English, you can select “English ( United States )” then click on continue (Let’s go).

Step 12. Then, You need to enter the database details, Like Database name, Username, and Password, that you created at the time of database creation. Fill in all the details and click on Submit.

Step 13. In the final step, You need to enter your website title/name and a username and password to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Also, enter your email.

Note: Do not check “Search Engine Visibility” leave it unchecked. 

Now, All Set Your site is Ready.

How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous?

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I hope this WordPress installation tutorial helped you learn how to easily install WordPress.