Google drive updates: Introduced new search for find files easier

In google workspace, you can easily find items across all products. But google always tries to find a new way to make the search process easier. Today Google introduced search chips in google drive to make this process faster.

Google Drive: Search chips allow you to instantly locate items across files.

In prior, google drive usually arrange your files according to last opened or worked. While this is a great feature for finding recent files, it's not good to find files opened a bit longer than usual. 
This is where search chips came to help you to find files. Search chips are drop-down choices that let you narrow down your search to discover the particular files you're looking for. You can easily filter files using location, file type, people, modify dates, titles, tasks to find files.

The feature is currently rolling out now

If you’re a regular user of google drive, then you will love this search chip feature. It's Currently rolling out you will be able to see this feature very soon. You may check your Google Drive right now to see if the Search Chips are available. However, there's a chance you won't see it right away. If not, you'll probably have to wait. Google Drive Search Chips are now available to all Workspace users, including Business Users and G Suite Basic Users. Search chips will be an amazing feature for those who use google drive on the regular basis. Most new organizations and companies use google drive to share documents between colleagues. So, being able to find documents quickly and share them.